Scavenger Hunt - Maayan Windmuller

Scavenger Hunt

In 2014, I discovered a photography game called the Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt on Google+. What is it, you ask? Hundreds of photographers from all over the world get a list of words and have a couple of months to come up with creative photos for each. Participating in these Scavenger Hunts sparked my creativity, led me to experiment with self portraits and composites and brought me to Las Vegas, where the second Great Scavenger Hunt Meet-Up was held in October 2017.

With the demise of Google+, the hunt - now rebranded into Photography Scavenger Hunt - got a new home! You will find more information about the hunt itself and - should you want it - a possibility to sign up for the next round.

The 25th Scavenger Hunt - the anniversary round - recently finished. Check out all the amazing work here!

Feel free to contact me if you wish to purchase a print of one of my hunt shots!

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