Scavenger Hunt - Round 28 - Keys BTS

22 June, 2020

This was a difficult one... The initial concepts didn‘t really resonate with me, until I went back to possible meanings of the word and added „deciphering a code“ to my list. This led me to „trying to crack the virus‘ code“.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Germans were known most for hoarding toilet paper, but other things missing from the shelves were also pasta and flour. That‘s how I came up with the idea of using different kinds of pasta as keys. I shot the initial image without mini-me sitting on top of the virus, but discarded it later when I added the concept of miniatures. When the deadline kept coming closer and I still didn't have another concept I liked, I went back to the image and thought about a way to make it fit with my theme. One concept I liked a lot (but didn‘t follow through) was inspired by the Baron Munchausen riding on a canon ball.

Untitled photo

But in the end, I found a way of combining the best of both worlds :-)


Fun detail: I had shot an alternative version of the image by replacing the bottle of disinfectant with two bottles of Gin :-) During the final edit I had to take care to replace also part of the kidney basin to add the matching reflection.

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