Scavenger Hunt - Round 28 - Connected BTS

20 June, 2020

Going with the theme „virtual world“, my first idea was to depict the fact that grandparents and grandchildren could only communicate through video calls. I thought about showing a hand or can phone coming out of a smart phone. Building the can phone with the kids was a lot of fun, we even made a third can to be able to do conference calls :-) During the iterations of the concept I simplified it by removing the smart phone and added the miniature part.

Untitled photo

I got my kids to hold still long enough to take a few shots in our neighbours‘ garden (their kids are grown up, so their grass and flowers have a better chance of surviving ;-) ).I made the first basic editing in Lightroom and hopped over into Photoshop for the compositing. I expanded the canvas to get the right composition and used the incredible content aware filling tool to extend the background.


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