Scavenger Hunt - Round 26 - Monkey BTS - Maayan Windmuller

Scavenger Hunt - Round 26 - Monkey BTS

13 October, 2019

Monkey is definitely one of my favourite images this round! It is also a good example that less isn’t always more 😉 My concept for it evolved from a simple detail shot of an ape’s face and hand to something quite complex, involving costumes, props and compositing.

I know what some of you are thinking now: “Wait a minute, an ape isn’t a monkey!”, so I’ll stop you right there. First of all, this is an issue of some debate (examples here and here), but more importantly, it is my artistic choice, so I simply don’t care 😁

ape vs. monkey

I decided to use a Gorilla costume instead of a shot of a real monkey/ape taken in the zoo, but I was missing a story-telling element. At some point, my brainstorming led me to Darwin and his evolutionary theory and from there to a Gorilla reading Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species”. In my first shots, I was wearing the complete Gorilla outfit, which was a hairy (and sweaty!) affair... It closes at the back, so you can imagine my wife’s face when I came down the stairs and asked her to zip me up 😂

The idea evolved further and I added a suit, top hat, glasses and a cigar. But something was still missing and so instead of shooting myself sitting in the middle of the couch, I placed myself off-center, stitched together a 19th century wallpaper and added a picture of Darwin 🙃 The finishing touches were the smoke brush to make the crooked frame and a image more dynamic.



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