Scavenger Hunt - Round 26 - Coward BTS

20 October, 2019

Coward was one of the more challenging words for me. My first idea was a person standing on a stool screaming because of the mouse staring up at it. Later I replaced the person by an elephant :-) When I decided to go with my theme “Hands”, this idea didn’t really fit anymore and it took me a while to come up with a new concept. The idea I came up with in the end was so obvious that I was surprised I didn’t think of it before: The Ostrich effect 🙃

the ostrich effect

I went through several variations of that theme involving sand and a shovel before I arrived at the simplified version with a bucket over my head (less messy and much better for my back! 😁). I shot myself with the bucket from various angles to see the different effects and chose the image shot from a slightly lower angle. On the search for a matching background, I came upon these light feathery clouds I captured during our holidays in July. I placed myself at the intersection of lower and left thirds lines to make the image more interesting, which coincided well with the shape of the clouds.

In retrospect dark, towering clouds might have been a better fit for Coward, but it is what it is 😊 Post-processing wise, I changed the colour of the T-shirt to better complement the red bucket and blue sky, applied a split toning effect and Vignette and that’s it!


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