Scavenger Hunt - Round 26 - Courage BTS

20 October, 2019

Courage was the only word for which I actually stuck with my initial idea. It was also the word that gave me the idea for my theme: Hands.

I am currently reading the bible to my older son as a bedtime story (on his request, it wouldn’t have been my first choice 😁) and when the list came out for this round, we had just read the story of David and Goliath. What better way to depict Courage?!

I knew I wanted to concentrate on one or two elements and create storytelling images in a “less is more” way for this round. The picture I had in my head was to emphasize David’s hand with the slingshot in the foreground and only hint at Goliath in the background.

david vs. goliath

After researching ancient and medieval slingshots online (it is amazing how many hours you can spend on YouTube... Check out Tod’s Workshop if you like medieval times and building stuff, he is amazing!), I decided to manufacture the slingshot on my own. I asked around in the neighbourhood and found someone who had a piece of leather I could use for the slingshot. The stone was a lucky find in my son’s collection 🙂  I added leather bracelet as a detail to mirror the leather of the slingshot.

  • shepherd's sling
  • Untitled photo

I hesitated between representing Goliath myself and using a figurine, but in the end opted for buying a metal cast figurine of Leonidas. I shot it using my macro lens and my Fuji’s focus bracketing mode I discovered during the last round, edited the 20 shots in Lightroom and put them together in Photoshop. I took care to use the same lighting for both hand and figurine to make it look realistic. I also tried colouring the figurine, but it didn’t look convincing, so I went with the shiny metal look instead.

Untitled photo

Finally, to make the image look authentic, I needed a matching background. I found it in the photos I took during our holidays in southern Italy last summer, where we visited the archaeological site of an old greek town. I flipped and stretched it to get it to match my composition and reduce the distracting elements in the picture.

Untitled photo

After placing David's hand and the figurine, I added a shadow below the figurine and brightened the hand to match it to the overall brightness of the image. I then used a gradient blur on the background and a matching Gaussian blur on the figurine in Photoshop and added a split tone effect and vignette in Lightroom.

Untitled photo


  • Bretta Elmore

    on October 26, 2019

    So well done Maayan!!!! Another of my faves!!!! We read the Bible as a family every year!! There are some amazing stories (and some weird ones!!) but it all works together to reveal a beautiful story of redemption.

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